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A special invitation from actress CHRISTINE HORN…

If you’ve landed on this page it’s probably because you have a passion for acting just like me.  I’ve had dreams of becoming a professional actress and singer ever since I was a child.


I was encouraged by most of my family to pursue my dreams.  However, there were plenty of people who just didn’t understand why I wanted to live the seemingly unstable life of a performer.  They had no idea that when I was performing I felt so ALIVE! Living the life of another character is like nothing else.  They had no idea how the bright lights of the stage or set fueled my soul.

Trust me…I’ve had my up’s and downs.  Without a mentor or a kind hand to guide you, it can be really easy to end up on the wrong side of the tracks with the wrong kind of people.  The entertainment industry is tough and wear down on your self-esteem, mind and body.

My teaching method…



Everyone has their own way of doing things and so do I.  I call my method of breaking into the biz and booking work “The Horn Technique.” 


I will help you…

Learn about the business

Avoid getting scammed

& Help you gain confidence about  pursuing your dream.


Did you know…

There are more non-working actors

than there are working actors.?

Which will you be?



This Inspiring  Online Video Course Includes:

11 Videos & Over An Hour Of Personal Coaching


This course will cover…

  • Headshots: What they are and why they are essential to any actor
  • How To Prepare: For your headshot session
  • Auditions: How to get them
  • Talent Agents & Managers: Who they are and what they do
  • Casting Directors: Who they are and what they do
  • Scam Alert: How NOT to be a victim
  • Acting Classes: Why they are important at any stage of your career
  • Monologues: What they are why you need them
  • Community Theatre: The pro’s and con’s
  • Improv: Why it’s fun and why it’s necessary
  • Networking: Why it’s important at any stage of your career



Special FREE Bonus

For a limited time only you will receive:

  • -A downloadable sample cover letter and resume that you can personalize and use to start getting agents right away!
  • -A bonus video filled with resources that will help you achieve your goals. I will tell you which websites to join and why.


 Most private coaching sessions can range from $100 or more an hour

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See what other actors are saying…


“I’ve been wanting to act for so long but I had no idea where to begin.  I would look online for auditions but a lot of them turned out to be scams that just wanted my money.  After taking this course I finally felt like I had some direction. “

-Jessica M.  (Los Angeles, CA)


“After watching the videos I finally understood what I was doing wrong in all of my headshots.   Before taking this course I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting signed with an agent.  Now I have the tools to take a killer photo and land the role of my dreams.”

-Michael W.  (New York, NY)


“I love how Christine tells it like it is!  She breaks down all the info in such an easy and real way.  She clearly has had the experience and I’m so glad I found these videos!”

-Tiffany S.  (Chicago, IL)


So what are you waiting for?

Stop being an “aspiring actor” and become an ACTOR.  There are movies, television shows and plays being written every day.  Guess what?  THEY NEED ACTORS!   If you don’t get the skills necessary to stand out and thrive in the entertainment industry you will be washed away with the masses of other aspiring actors.

Turn your DREAMS

 into REALITY.


 Now Only $55

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We were all put on this earth for a purpose.  You love to ACT so that’s your purpose.  NEVER let anyone take your passion away from you.

I wish you nothing but success.   Keep shining your light!